Shoot the Messenger

Shoot the Messenger | The Book

215 x 280mm, 138 pages, First edition (300 copies) - Released 2024

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A documentation of Stockholm's cycle messengers, a sub-culture found within cities worldwide.

"The project began in winter 2018 and has continued throughout the following winters. The portraits have all been taken during a ten-minute break in the riders' working day. It's all about them and their bikes, which reflect the subculture and the harsh environment they work in. When extreme weather locks down all other forms of transport in the city, the messengers continue making deliveries in the snow and ice, averaging 50-100km daily. Messengers describe their time within the job by winters, not years.

The riders are amongst the most humble and philosophical characters I've had the pleasure of photographing. The subculture spreads far and wide. In Stockholm, you'll find Swedish, European, and World champions. Messenger championships, races, and 'alley cats' take place around the globe, and it's common for the bikes to feature stickers and badges hinting at these events. The riders are often from varied backgrounds with many stories to tell, and the messenger community is tight-knit and supportive.

Ultimately, this project documents a select group of individuals with a chosen lifestyle in a specific place during a particular period of time. It is also an homage to the bicycle. As climate change highlights city congestion and the inevitable decline of fossil fuel vehicles, the  bicycle continues to prove timeless, efficient, and environmentally friendly."

Design by Studio Squire  Printed + bound in Sweden by Taberg Media Group

Produced with support from Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden

Available in Stockholm at Konst/ig BooksPapercutUrban Bike Wear and online at Floyd Editions

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